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Darren Crome is an independent freelance session drummer based in Devon, south-west UK.

With well over 20 years experience Darren is a natural, self-taught drummer whose thoughtful playing and conviction behind the drumset ensures that he is called upon frequently for drumming duty.

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The Early Years

Darren was born in Nottinghamshire, England. The percussive gene being handed down from his great grandfather, a drummer in the local colliery band.

It all started with pots and pans, then after a visit to a neighbour who was also a drummer, his parents bought him a practice pad and a pair of sticks. He was 5 years old.

Soon after he was given his great grandfathers kit. A very delicate drumset with calf-skin heads, woodblocks and whistles and so on. Needless to say in the hands of a 6/7 year old it didn't last very long!

His first proper kit came along on his 10th birthday. A 5 piece Pearl Maxwin in black. He used this kit for his first performances in school productions and his first public performance accompanying an organist to the 'Brotherhood Of Man' tune 'Figaro'.

Years of playing along to records followed nuturing a solid sense of time and groove,- Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang and 70s disco through to Queen, ZZ top and Dire Straits.

By the age of 16 Darren was getting involved with local bands. His next kit came along, a white Pearl Export.

Playing with the trio,- the Martyn Brown Band, he learnt to play in a small ensemble making songs groove and feel right as opposed to over-playing.

More years of playing and learning his trade followed around the pubs and working-mens clubs of Northern and Eastern England.

Darrens first recording engagement soon followed with a local band 'Cry' travelling up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for the experience. It was a studio belonging to Ray Laidlaw,- drummer with Lindisfarne. Darren was hooked, being creative meant so much to him.

Since then

1989 - Martyn Brown Trio

Blues-Rock small ensemble. Mainly Gigging.

1992 - Burdock

Original indie-pop/punk band. Writing, recording and gigging. Still play the odd gig for them.

1996 - Scott McGowan

Accompanying guitarist, singer/songwriter. Gigging.

1997 - David Daw Band

Accompanying singer/songwriter. Gigging and recording.

1997 - Tim Powell-Morris (producer)

Recording, session work.

1998 - The Fab Beatles

Beatles tribute band. Touring and gigging.

2000 - Dollybird

Original pop band. Gigging and recording.

2002 - Maryland

Original indie-alt band. Showcasing and recording (with producer Hugh Jones).

2004 - Dan Church

Accompanying Singer/Songwriter. Showcasing. Met longstanding rhythm-section partner Simon Field (electric bassist) during this project.

2004 - Cat In The Hat

Blues Trio. Gigging and recording.

2005 - Conrad Harpam Band

Accompanying rock/fusion guitarist. Gigging and recording.

2008 - Dave Rich Band

Original rock/jazz/folk band. Recording and gigging.

2009 - Consortium

60s psychedelic rock band. Studio sessions for album tracks.

2009 - Jessica Sweetman

Accompanying singer/songwriter. Showcasing.



Video footage coming soon.



photo P.Haygarth

photo D.Cunningham

photo D.Cunningham


This is a list of my working equipment, the setup can be configured to suit the project.

Mapex Saturn Series

With 8" 10" 12" 13" toms, 14" 16" floortoms, 22" bassdrum

1960s Premier Vintage Kit

With 12" 16" toms and 20" bassdrum


Mapex Saturn 14"x6.5" snare, Vintage Premier Snare, BDC 12"x7" soprano snare, 14"x5" Premier Steel Snare. Zildjian As and A custom cymbals. Zyn sizzle cymbals and hi-hats.


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